Industrial & Systems Engineering- Information Systems Option
Kate Gleason College of Engineering
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Example courses: The chemical engineering BS degree is a five-year program consisting of the following course requirements: chemical engineering core (75 credit hours), professional technical electives (12 credit hours), science and mathematics (58 credit hours), liberal arts (36 credit hours), free electives (12 credit hours), wellness education and First-Year Enrichment (2 credit hours), and 50 weeks of cooperative education.
What will you do? Chemical engineering applies the core scientific disciplines of chemistry, physics, biology, and mathematics to transform raw materials or chemicals into more useful or valuable forms, invariably in processes that involve chemical change. They work in multidisciplinary teams to create novel materials that are at the heart of virtually every product and service that enhances our quality of life. Examples include nano scale composites, pharmaceuticals, plastics, fibers, metals, and ceramics. Key applications include the development of alternative energy systems, biomedical materials and therapies, and strategies to minimize the environmental impact of technological advancements.
Possible titles: Chemical Engineer, Production/Manufacturing Engineer, Process Engineer, Controls Engineer, Technical Salesperson/Marketing Specialist, Plant Maintenance Engineer, Design Engineer, Environmental Engineer, Waste Treatment Engineer, Research/Development Engineer, Service Engineer, Quality Control Engineer, Plant Safety Engineer, Petroleum/Energy Engineer, Materials Engineer, Chemical Testing Specialist, Biochemical Engineer, Field Engineer, Consultant (technical), Patent Attorney/Examiner, Operations/Production Supervisor, Regulations Affairs/Compliance Specialist, Project Manager
Career outlook: Virtually every aspect of a modern industrial economy is critically dependent upon chemical engineering for manufacturing bulk and specialty chemicals and high-tech materials needed to create a limitless array of value-added products.