Engineering Technology Pre-baccalaureate
National Technical Institute for the Deaf
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Example courses: The academic program is flexible and individualized and enables students to focus on needed skills while concurrently progressing toward their chosen field of study. Students take courses taught by support department faculty and other NTID faculty, along with entry-level courses taught in other RIT colleges.
What will you do? Dependent upon Bachelors program selected.
Possible titles: Dependent upon Bachelors program selected.
Career outlook: The pre-baccalaureate studies program is available as a bridge into baccalaureate degree programs for students who are accepted and but do not fully qualify for direct entry into a bachelor level program. Students who qualify for pre-baccalaureate studies are those who have academic transcripts, scores on admissions tests, and other evidence that support reasonable expectation of success in baccalaureate course work.